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Terms & Conditions

By making a booking, the customer is subject to the Terms and Conditions set out below.


Quotations are valid for a period of 30 days from the date supplied. All prices quoted are subject to change and any such changes will be advised prior to acceptance of the booking. Please check the quotation to ensure that all details are correct. We accept no responsibility for the accuracy of customer itineraries. No bookings are made when a quotation is provided.


Customer bookings must be received in written form via e-mail or through our website. A written acceptance confirmation will be provided in return for all bus bookings.


Full payment is due no less than 7 days prior to departure. Invoices can be provided on request. Payment can be made either by direct deposit into our account or by credit/debit card through a secure link via our website. Payment can also be made in cash by separate arrangement.

Cancellation / Alteration Fees

The following fees will be charged on the cancellation of booking:

  • Cancellations greater than 5 days prior to the day of travel – No Cancellation Fee / Full refund.
  • Cancellations within 5 days prior to the day of travel (but not on day of travel) – 50% of the booking value as Cancellation Fee.
  • Cancellations on the day of travel or if the customer has not presented for pick-up within 45 minutes of the agreed booking time – 100% of the booking value as Cancellation Fee.

Passengers are required to conduct themselves in a manner acceptable to normal community standards. Aggressive or disorderly conduct displayed toward any other passengers or driver will not be tolerated. At the full discretion of the driver, passengers may be refused entry or required to disembark at any time during transit.

Consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and illegal drugs is not permitted on the bus. Any costs incurred to the passenger/s as a result of refusal to board or removal during transit will be the sole responsibility of the offending passenger/s.

Additional Charges

The customer agrees at the time of booking that the price charged by Out and About Minibus Hire for the provision of agreed services can be amended for any additional time and/or distance provided for on the day of the hire. If additional time and/or distance is requested during the time of hire, an additional fee of $130 per hour will be charged.

We do not guarantee to provide additions or amendments during the hire period. Any such variation will be considered at the time of request and will take into account the legal driving hours of the driver, deviation from route, knowledge of the area by the driver and the driver’s agreement.

We reserve the right to impose additional charges for cleaning the vehicle that is in our sole judgement left in an unsatisfactory manner either during or at the conclusion of a hire period. This also applies to willful damage by passengers to either the interior or exterior of the vehicle.

Conditions Of Travel
  • All goods carried by passengers are at the passenger’s own risk. Out and About Minibus Hire does not accept liability for goods lost, stolen or damaged either during transit or at drop off/pick up locations.
  • Passengers warrant that any luggage or other personal effects carried on board will not cause, either directly or indirectly, any damage or harm to other passengers or cause damage to the property of Out and About Minibus Hire.
  • Out and About Minibus Hire reserves the right to refuse to carry any luggage or other personal effects without justification.
  • Out and About Minibus Hire will endeavor to honor its commitments relating to departure and arrival times but will not be liable for any losses incurred in the event that times are unable to be met as a result of road, traffic, weather conditions or any other event that would reasonably cause a delay.
  • Out and About Minibus Hire may refuse to allow any passenger to board or travel on any service wherein the opinion of Out and About Minibus Hire that passenger/s are in breach of any of the terms and conditions listed.
  • Passengers are required to advise at time of booking of any special needs including assistance with boarding/disembarking. We will wherever possible, try to accommodate passenger’s needs. Any passenger that requires more than minimal assistance from the driver to board/disembark may be required to be accompanied by a carer. Any assistance from the driver is at the driver’s discretion to avoid injury to the driver.
  • Registered guide dogs are welcome to travel with their owner. Intentions to travel with a guide dog is required at time of making booking.
General Terms

The provision of our bus hire is subject to the current Road Transport, Passenger Vehicle and OH&S regulations issued by the appropriate authority.

Out and About Minibus Hire reserves the right to enforce its legal obligation in compliance with the law in all aspects of our hire provision irrespective of customer requests, conduct, actions or other circumstances effecting the provision of this hire.

This includes, but is not limited to our right to;

  • Refuse entry to bus or require a passenger to disembark at any time during transit if the passenger/s appear, in the opinion of the driver to be intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Stop consumption of hot food or drink, alcohol or use of tobacco products on the vehicle.
  • Act in the best interests of passenger’s safety irrespective of consequences to the hire program.
  • Ensure domestic pets are not allowed onto a vehicle unless caged correctly, and prior agreement to transport has been obtained from Out and About Minibus Hire in writing. Registered guide dogs are exempt.
  • Obey road speed restrictions irrespective of unscheduled delays in transit.
  • Stop to render assistance to others when judged in the public interest for safety or rescue.
  • Report to authorities any person acting in a manner that endangers themselves or others.
  • Refuse to carry dangerous, flammable or illegal items/goods on any part of a passenger or the vehicle.
  • Determine the suitability and nature of any luggage or items intended to be carried by, or for, passengers on or within the vehicle cabin or storage areas and to refuse such items deemed as unacceptable. We take no responsibility for luggage lost or damaged whilst being handled, on tour or any time in transit; all items carried are at the owner’s risk.
  • Render first aid in the best interest of passengers and take such measures deemed necessary to enlist assistance in an emergency from any available services. Costs of such emergency service provision rest with the passenger/s.
  • Maintain legal driving hours and driver rest periods in line with current regulations.
  • Remove waiting vehicles from a hire pick up point due to passengers being overdue by time exceeding 30 minutes, with or without notification by the passenger group or representative of such a delay at our discretion. Due to other operational commitments this may result in job cancellation.
  • Any issues arising from the hire and operation of our service must be received in writing within 30 days of the hire completion date, for an official response. Hire issues or compensation claims made after this time may not receive a response.
Exclusion of Liability

Out and About Minibus Hire will take all reasonable steps to provide to the customer, services outlined in these Terms and Conditions.

Out and About Minibus Hire accepts no liability for:

  • any loss of enjoyment experienced by passengers due to circumstances beyond its control;
  • loss or damage to clothing, personal items and/or luggage and;
  • failure to meet connections due to unexpected delays
  • any other costs incurred by the customer and;
  • third party claims associated with the hire event
  • acts of Force Majeure

By placing your booking with Out and About Minibus Hire you acknowledge that you have read and are fully aware of our Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them.

Out and About Minibus Hire thank you for your booking.