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About Us

The business is privately owned and operated. The person who owns the business drives the bus!

For a great many years I had worked in a managerial role within corporate business environments.

Like most people, I felt the need for change! Being a regular visitor and even having lived down along the beautiful west coast of Victoria, it became clear that the ideal business for me was to blend together my enjoyment of meeting and being with people and my love for Victoria’s west coast.

Out and About Minibus Hire was born.

The Experience Offered

No matter what your reason is for using Out and About Minibus Hire, it’s about the overall experience at the end of the day that counts. To this end, you are our guest and our priority. Service, support and engagement are fundamental to enjoying any travel experience. Your trip is as relaxed as you want it to be. We can accommodate unplanned stops or the flexibility to extend stays in locations where you are getting the most enjoyment.

Complimentary bottled water is provided to each passenger. Please let your driver know if you have any requests or suggestions during your trip.